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Karl Craig-West & Associates

Leicester, UK

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“27 Top Marketing Tips”
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“Sales Skills For Those Who
Don’t Like Selling!”

Guarantee Growth in your Business by Winning Clients

It is no secret that owners or managers of either new or established businesses often do not relish the thought of having to personally sell their services to the world.

Generally, people do not enjoy sitting on the telephone calling number after number and being rejected by 80% or more of the people they call. And why would you? Very few sales professionals enjoy that!

But let us not forget one key fact:

   If people don’t buy from you, how can your business survive?

The truth is, it won’t. Especially when your company is too small to support additional salespeople. In these times it is you, the business owner, who has to grow the company by bringing in new clients.

Karl Craig-West & Associates have a keen understanding on such issues and the importance of ‘Sales’ ranks high in the list of operational priorities.

So much so that we have devised Sales Skills Training Seminars and Documentation for all business professionals to help you promote your services and actually win business.

We cover such areas as:

Meeting People
How and where to meet people
Make People Pay Attention to YOU
Saying the right things, i.e. something they want to hear
Qualifying a Sales Meeting
Having good reason to get together with a potential client, not just filling time in your diary
Exploratory Meetings
How to conduct yourself in sales meeting and have control of the meeting from start to finish
Having a Story to Tell
What to say to the client without resorting to mindless waffle
Selling your Company Name
Selling key features of your organisation that will further attract the client to your portfolio
Key ‘Closing’ Techniques
Methodologies on getting the approval from your cleints and winning the sale – AND the myth about ‘Closing’ will be dispelled forever!
Client Management
How to deal with clients before, during and after a project, and managing client expectation

Together, we can help both new and established business learn how to generate profitable new business and additionally managing existing clients, gaining ‘repeat’ business in the years to come.

To find out more about how you can increase your sales figures year on year, call us now on:

Call free on 0800 977 5481

Karl Craig-West
Business Skills Trainer & Professional Speaker

Workshops for Spring 2007 (click on workshop titles to find out more)

“Learn The Presentation Skills Used by Professional Speakers!”
January 23rd 2007

“How To Get Organised, Increase Your Productivity, Get More Done and Achieve Work-Life Balance!”
March 7th 2007
“How to effectively communicate and really get your message across!”
April 18th 2007

If you’re interested in any of these workshops then email me on [email protected] and let me know.
I’ll make sure you get priority notification!

“27 Top Marketing Tips”
audio CD now available.

Click here for details